Bentley releases Bentley Pointools V8i

Bentley Systems announced last week the release of Bentley Pointools V8i, the much anticipated refresh of Pointools Edit. The new release features a handful of new capabilities, including point cloud-to-point cloud clash detection, and is also now a part of Bentley's SELECT licensing program.

The 2012 Northern California Bentley BASH coming September 28th and 29th!!!

The Northern California Bentley User Group, along with Bentley and Archway Systems, is bringing you another day of FREE hands-on training workshops on all the latest Bentley software!

Pointools Webinar Series: Creating Successful Animations

Pointools Webinar: Creating Successful Animations


This 1-hour workshop will take you through every step of the animation creation process inside Pointools Edit. This software is the industry standard for creating high-quality flythrough visualizations and renderings. Come find out how the pros are using Pointools Edit to win business and exceed client’s expectations. This webinar will cover all the steps involved with creating an animation as well as provide some best practices.

Contact Lauren at Archway Systems to register for this event!

Pointools Update

Pointools Update Webinar


With the acquisition of Pointools by Bentley Systems this past November, changes are on the horizon for Pointools users. Come find out how Pointools and Bentley have joined forces to position themselves at the forefront of the LiDAR technology industry. This webinar will update you on the latest news out of the Bentley Pointools camp and get you up to speed on the future of Bentley’s point cloud technologies.

Contact Lauren at Archway Systems to register!


Bentley Systems, Inc. acquires Pointools Ltd.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Be Inspired: Thought Leadership in Infrastructureand SPAR Europe – Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today announced that it has acquired U.K.-based Pointools Ltd, the leading hardware-neutral provider of point cloud software technology, in order to integrate point cloud processing in innovative ways throughout its product portfolio.

True World Services demonstrates their Scan>CAD>BIM workflow

Fred Moser of True World Services shows how Pointools has effectively brought together the laser scan data, CAD model and BIM model into one continuous workflow.


True World Services is using Pointools plug-ins with AutoCAD and Rhino as well as Revit to complete the entire Scan>CAD>BIM modeling process. Watch their YouTube video below for the whole story!

Eliminating Reverse Engineering from Scan-to-model Workflows

LiDAR News | September 4th, 2011 - Very large point cloud models have for a long time died a slow death inside survey departments because the survey team wasn’t quick to share the data and because the data was largely unusable within mainstream CAD applications without first reverse-engineering the points to generate new surface and solids geometry.

From Digital to Real and Back Again

August 25, 2011 - I found this article in Volume 34 Issue 6 (June/July 2011) of CGW. It provides an interesting perspective on how companies and industries are blending real world data with virtual data to enrich their models and workflows. Maher's article also packs in a lot of information on where 3D laser scanning may be headed in the years to come. An excerpt of it is below or you can read the full article here.


Bentley Bash 2011 NorCal

2011 Bentley Bash Northern California
After two very successful Southern California Bentley Bashes we are now ready for the Northern California Bash. Archway Systems, your local Bentley User Group and 3 campuses are teaming together to bring a day and a half of free hands-on training!

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Lowering the Barriers Through Innovation to Streamline Scan-to-model Point Cloud Workflows

written by Joe Croser | May 29, 2011 - “If you are not solving a problem you don’t have a business” – at least that’s the general rule, although exceptions do apply. Perhaps it’s more fair to say, “If someone doesn’t value your offering enough to pay money for it you don’t have a business.” That’s why at Pointools we focus entirely on solving user problems to deliver real value.

Point Cloud Tools

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