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Bentley releases Bentley Pointools V8i

By Administrator - Posted on 07 February 2013

Bentley Systems announced last week the release of Bentley Pointools V8i, the much anticipated refresh of Pointools Edit. The new release features a handful of new capabilities, including point cloud-to-point cloud clash detection, and is also now a part of Bentley's SELECT licensing program.
To read all about the new features, check out the Bentley Pointools V8i page. Along with the Bentley Pointools release comes a new free viewer, Bentley Pointools View, and also an improved Bentley Pointools PODCreator. These two free programs allow you to create .POD files from any major scan data format and view it. These free iWare apps from Bentley are available for download now from Bentley's iWare apps page.