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Point Cloud Webinar

By Administrator - Posted on 25 April 2011

Point Cloud Webinar
Point Clouds is the hottest topics in today’s AEC industry.    What is a point cloud?

  • A point cloud is a set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These vertices are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, and typically are intended to be representative of the external surface of an object.  Point clouds are most often created by 3D scanners. These devices measure in an automatic way a large number of points on the surface of an object, and often output a point cloud as a data file. The point cloud represents the set of points that the device has measured. 

Are you still with me?  If not, or even if you are, join us for a webinar on Pointclouds find out what all the excitement is about. While some industries, like the plant industry, have been laser scanning for years point clouds are on the verge of completely revolutionizing the way buildings, roads and the rest of the world’s infrastructure is being built. Whether it’s a new construction, a retrofit or a complete remodel, point clouds are streamlining the workflow in all areas thanks to the latest technologies in software and hardware.
Listen in to this webinar to find out how you can be a part of this game-changing technology.
This webinar will cover all the basics on what a point cloud is, how to use it and why; along with showing you Pointools, the proven market leader in point cloud processing software for visualizing and animating point clouds. On top of that, we’ll show you how companies like Bentley Systems are incorporating point clouds into their CAD applications like MicroStation. This webinar will be a good overview for the lifecycle of a point cloud and how it will impact your workflow.
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