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Navigator Workshop

Bentley Navigator Workshop
September 8, 2011 9am-12pm PDT (12-3pm EDT, 11am-2pm CDT) 
Download and install the Prequisite Pack
Download and install Bentley Navigator
Download the training materials
Free online workshop on BIM Collaboration using Bentley Navigator:
You will need a computer connected to the Internet, a speaker on that computer, optionally a microphone connected to that computer and either the same computer or a second computer with Bentley Navigator for working the exercises.   If you have not received your 30-day trial of Navigator software, please email and we send you the link to download the program and tutorial.  There is no cost to you for the software, tutorial or the workshop.


  • Welcome/Introduction
  • Short PowerPoint on Dynamic review workflow using Bentley Navigator
  • Introduction to Navigation tools
  • Introduction to Revision tools
  • Introduction to Markup tools
  • Introduction to Clash Detection
  • Introduction to Schedule Simulation
  • Introduction to Point Cloud capabilities
  • Summary and Q&A